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Treasure Island

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

The classic tale of action, adventures, and pirates.

The first-person narrator, Jim, tells how a strange seafarer came to their inn, paying gold to stay -- and long outstaying it -- and lived in fear of a one-legged seafaring man.  When a blind man comes and gives him a bit of paper, he dies of apoplexy.  Jim's mother tries to find their gold for his stay in his chest, and he and his mother see the arrival of pirates in force.

But they don't get something that Jim and his mother found.  A map to pirate gold. . . .

And with that we are swinging off to the search for the island.  Unfortunately, their purpose is soon known -- one man involved has a loose tongue -- but he finds a good man to be their cook and give him some guidance.  That man is one Long John Silver.

The reason of the tale involves an apple barrel, a marooned man, the argument that since ghosts don't have shadows, they shouldn't echo, either, Jim hearing one and watching another treacherous murder, and much more.  No actual piracy, as it happens.

I philosophically note that contrary to the book, pirates weren't dragons and didn't love gold for gold's sake.  They turned their gold into immediate necessities and pleasures as fast as they could.  But then, without that, what would happen to the book?
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