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Homage to Catalonia

Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell

First hand account of the Spanish Civil War.  Admittedly from a man who had a very limited role in the fighting, since the trenches that faced each other on the front were extremely strong.  And then some first-hand of the Communist suppression of P.O.U.M. and Anarchist elements.

Those who have read his collected letters and essays will notice that this is before World War II, and he's still holding the position that there is no difference between capitalism and fascism.

We get his views of the Revolution in Barcelona -- admitting that he had heard reports of its being much stronger earlier but really impressing him with the way the workers controlled -- and later his reaction to its withdrawal.  His cheerful admission that the stories that the churches were destroyed only when used as Nationalist strongholds were in fact just stories, they were destroyed whenever they could.

The actual trench warfare, where the enemy were pretty much the last consideration, the first being firewood, the horrible weapons and supply problems.

And then back to the city, where he was shocked at how things had reverted to normal, and then there was the fighting. . . he and his wife escaped narrowly.

Got weigh it for his point of view, but an interesting look.
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