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The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson, Volume 5: Door to Anywhere

The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson, Volume 5: Door to Anywhere

The fifth in a four volume series. . . as the editor explains in the introduction, there may be six and seven in the future.  He wrote quite a bit of short stuff.

As in the earlier volumes, this is a sampler.  There are a couple of Time Patrol stories, several of Technic History -- both during the League and the Empire, some of which feature characters appearing elsewhere.

There's no notes to explain anything about the stories, even their sequence; there's one that jars even though I read it in an earlier anthology where Anderson himself explained that it was an early work embodying views he no longer held.

"Sargasso of Lost Spaceship" has a truly chilling center to the nebula in which ships are lost.  "Fairy Gold" doesn't have a main character but shows, amusingly enough, the beneficial effects of having fairy gold running about a city overnight.  Some puzzles to work out aliens -- one where we are the aliens to be figured out.

Like much of Anderson's work, can be a bit heavy with the grim atmosphere, like Nordic paganism.
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