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Astro City Vol. 3: Family Album

Astro City Vol. 3: Family Album by Kurt Busiek

Being incidents in the life of Astro City -- what superhero universes would really be like -- emotional, not practically.  Short tales.  I don't think any are more than two issues.

Despite the title, not all of them revolve about families, though some do.  A man newly arrived, with daughters, gets to see how much superhero action the city sees.  A little girl superhero goes on an adventure to be less superhero and more little girl.  An elderly supervillain aims for some credit.  A superhero whose wife is pregnant wrestles with the conflict between the need for heroes and the baby's need for a father.  And a cartoon brought to life recounts his sad life.

High drama and emotional matters.
Tags: author: b, category: graphic novels, genre: superheroes, review

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