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Books Read April 2014 (Books 72-94)

Here is a summary of my April reading with links to longer reviews in my journal. I had a few reviews carried over from March as well as a Read-a-thon event adding to the numbers this month.

Book 72: The Killer Inside (January David #2.5) by Will Carver, 2013. 51 pages. E-teaser for Book 3 in series. Inspired me to re-read Book 1.
Book 73: Girl 4 (January David #1) by Will Carver, 2011. 368 pages.
Book 74: Dead Set (January David #3) by Will Carver, 2013. 456 pages. Girl 4 case continues in Book 3 of series. Reviews of Books 72-74.
Book 75: Gossip from the Forest: The Tangled Roots of Our Forests and Fairytales by Sara Maitland, 2012. 354 pages. 12 months, 12 walks in British woods, and 12 re-told fairy tales. Review here.
Book 76: The Fire Witness (Joona Linna #3) by Lars Kepler, 2011. Translated from the Swedish by Laura A. Wideburg, 2013. 495 pages. More Nordic Noir. Review here.
Book 77: Tripwire (Jack Reacher #3) by Lee Child, 1999, Foreword, 2012. 544 pages. Early Jack Reacher thriller. Review here.
Book 78: The President's Hat by Antoine Laurain, 2012. Translated from the French by Gallic Books, 2013. 208 pages/Unabridged audio book (4 hours, 29 mins). Various narrators. Whimsical French novel about the adventures of President François Mitterrand's hat. Review here.
Book 79: The Last Queen by C. W. Gortner, 2006. 520 pages. Fictional autobiography of Queen Juana 'la Loca' of Spain. Review here.
Book 80: The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence, 2009. 368 pages. Inspiring memoir about the conservation work of African game reserve. Review here.
Book 81: Tequila Sunset by Sam Hawken, 2012. 359 pages. Crime thriller about USA/Mexican drug war. Review here.
Book 82: Marie Antoinette: Serial Killer by Katie Alender, 2013. 301 pages. Rather silly YA romance featuring murderous ghost. Review here.
Book 83: Murder on a Midsummer Night (Phryne Fisher #17) by Kerry Greenwood, 2008. 269 pages. Two mysteries. Read rather than listened to this one as without car for a few weeks. Review here.
Book 84: The Bat (Harry Hole #1) by Jo Nesbø, 1997. Translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett, 2012. 374 pages. First novel featuring Harry Hole set in Australia. Review here.
Book 85: The First Victim (Kovac/Liska #3.5) by Tami Hoag, 2013. 62 pages. e-teaser for The 9th Girl.
Book 86: The 9th Girl (Kovac/Liska #4) by Tami Hoag, 2013. 416 pages. Police procedural set in Minneapolis. Reviews of Books 85 and 86.
Book 87: The Little Friend by Donna Tartt, 2002. Introduction by A. O. Scott, 2007. 592 pages. Coming-of-age story set in late 1970s Mississippi. Review here.
Book 88: Bubble (Game Trilogy #3) by Anders de la Motte, 2012. Translated from the Swedish by Neil Smith, 2013. 464 pages/Unabridged Audio (12 hrs, 43 mins) Narrated by Saul Reichlin. 'Game over'. Review here.
Book 89: The Sick Rose by Erin Kelly, 2011. 352 pages. Two lonely people with deep secrets meet with life changing consequences. Review here.
Book 90: The Prisoner of Brenda (Mystery Man #4) by (Colin) Bateman, 2012. 408 pages. Final in this black comedic mystery series. Review here.
Book 91: The Poyson Garden (Elizabeth I Mysteries #1) by Karen Harper, 1999. 302 pages. Princess Elizabeth is caught up in deadly encounter with a poisoner. Review here.
Book 92: Queen of Hearts Volume One: The Crown by Colleen Oakes, 2014. 222 pages. Re-visioning of Alice in Wonderland featuring the future Queen of Hearts. Review here.
Book 93: The Shroud Maker (Wesley Peterson #18) by Kate Ellis, 2014. 374 pages. Latest in South Devon based police procedurals.
Book 94: The Killing III by David Hewson, 2014. 417 pages. Print adaptation of final season of Danish cult TV series. Reviews of Books 93 and 94.
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