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What Now, I Want to Be the Kitty, and Dog-Eared by Patrick McDonnell

Three collections of Mutts cartoons, humorous, some stand-alone, some stories, and some variations on a theme.

What Now features the first time Mooch shows up with his little pink sock.  Woofie looking for a Valentine.  Mooch caught in the rain and telling the roses they better appreciate it.  A bird-watching bird.  Sourpuss hating Mondays.  A sequence of gags on a poetry club.  The annual trip to the sea -- Crabby tells a tale about being swallowed by a whale.  Shelter stories featuring a hamster.

I Want to Be The Kitty features Mooch and Earl trying to hibernate, Shtinky dreaming that he slept a millennium and the tigers were saved.  Crabby claiming to have been caught by pirates, Mooch trying to cure Earl of all his bad habits by smacking around this newspaper (hitting the floor, not Earl).  "Horror Pix" gags for Halloween.

Dog-Eared features New Year's resolutions. Takes on "Roses are red, violets are blue" for Valentine's Day. A sequence of gags on bees. Mooch as the All Knowing Sphinx. Mooch's pet snail, that he names Little Earl. Mooch writing his autobiography. Worrying when on vacation -- Earl wants to know who's barking at the mailman.
Tags: author: m, genre: humor, review

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