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Gentleman Takes a Chance

Gentleman Takes a Chance by Sarah A. Hoyt

The second Shifter novel, and while both have intact plots, it's best to read the first one first.

Because this one opens with some shifters having a meeting about the deaths of shifters in Draw One In the Dark.  And sending off someone to deal with those responsible.

Meanwhile, while Kyrie and Tom are at home, the Great Sky Dragon tries to talk to Tom mentally.  Tom freaks out and shifts and does a great deal of damage to the bathroom in the process.  They end up, despite a blizzard, heading to the diner they co-own, where the plumbing is functional.

And Rafiel, investigating a murder scene at the aquarium, had smelled shifter.  He tries to smell it out better in lion form without alerting an employee still in the building.

All of this collides, along with a crocodile shifter that wants to eat a kitten, a dragon shifter named Conan, a photo of two dragons, a crab shifter that just hangs out, Tom's father asking him a stupid question and making him drop his cell phone, the question of exactly how old the shifters are, a group called the Ancients and an old war, and much more.
Tags: author: h, genre: fantasy, review

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