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Zhuangzi Speaks

Zhuangzi Speaks: The Music of Nature by Tsai Chih Chung

A graphic novel presentation of the thought of the Daoist master Zhuangzi. Including of course, the famous story about dreaming he was a butterfly, or possibly philosopher.

There's a lot more.  Admiring the sparrow for not wanting to waste energy like the peng bird.  The capture of a marvelous bird that then died because its captor provided it with what he deemed the finest of music, drink, and food.  And the usefulness to a tree of being utterly useless.  Really, it's really fond of pointing out that the useless tree is the one that doesn't get chopped down, does it over and over -- though once a disciple found himself baffled by the contrast between it and the useless goose being the one slaughtered for dinner.

Confucius gets whacked at a few times.  (Once or twice, he comes off well.)

A great deal about living in harmony with the Dao and the relativity of standards, such as what constitutes a good diet -- compare a human one to a horse's or a centipede's.
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