sylviamcivers (sylviamcivers) wrote in bookish,

Dicey's Song by Cynthia Voght

What do you do when you've been head-of-household for almost a year, and suddenly you're expected to do what you're told like a good little girl?  And Dicey wasn't even old enough to wear a bra.

Dicey's mom left them, and Dicey had spent Book #1 of the series shepherding her three younger siblings from their home on the bay to an aunt a few states away. When the aunt turned out to be a bad fit for them - not a bad person, just not ready to take care of four little kids - she gathers them up and leaves, heading down the road, traveling a few more states, and hoping their last living relative - their grandma - will be willing to take care of them.

She took them in, and suddenly Dicey isn't in charge of figuring out...
Tags: author: t, category: young adult, genre: classic, review

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