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You’ve Got to be Kidding by Capps and Capps

There are formal rules of logic, which most people sort of know in a hand-flailing way, but can’t articulate clearly.  This book lists 25 fallacies of logic, illustrating each one with a joke whose punch line depends on reversing the logical rule.  The book  ends with a chapter on critical thinking and objective truth, which is also illustrated with a wide variety of jokes.  I read this book for the articles (wait, don’t people say that about a certain illustrated magazine?)

The entire book was worth reading for the information in it, as well as for the jokes.  Apparently, a certain teenager  was also worth hiding from this reviewer, who finally looked under his pillow and snatched the book back.  One can only hope he read something besides the jokes.

Warning:  Each chapter opens with a lim*rck, but they are clearly labeled “Bad Limerick”, and you can skip them if you feel the need.   Also, given that joke point fun at the Powers that Be ( lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc.)  there are quite a few jokes poking fun at religious authorities.  They tend to start, “A priest, a minister, and a rabbi…”  for the widest sects-appeal. 

Three guys walk into a bar...
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