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Something Under the Bed is Drooling

Something Under the Bed is Drooling by Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes, collection 2. Starting with Calvin checking for monsters under the bed by talking about having put on ten pounds and become nice and plump. . .

It has a lot of strips about snowballs and sledding and other snow stuff, though Calvin's snowman attempts are merely large -- and Hobbes revolts at the notion of turning an enormous snowball into a mere toe for the eventual creature. Rosalyn is a known menace now. Hobbes has his adventures with the washing machine, the place where Calvin's view and the rest of the world's collide with most vigor.

The box appears in its first form, the transmogrifier, and Calvin spends time as a rather small tiger.

The first approximation of Calvinball is played -- it's "hunt the flag" and it's still obviously quarreling about the rules rather than a game where the rules are meant to be mutable.  But you can see the future.

And when he stalks through the kitchen like a dinosaur, his mom tells him to tell Calvin that supper's just about ready -- she'd invite him if dinosaurs could eat at the table.  Last panel:  a dinosaur in his seat, thinking that dinosaur eat where they please.
Tags: author: w, category: comics and manga, genre: humor, review

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