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Books Read October 2013 (Books 178-201)

A bumper month! Here is a summary of the books I have read/reviewed in October with links to longer reviews in my journal.

Book 178: Snow White Must Die (Bodenstein and Kirchhoff #4 ) by Nele Neuhaus, 2010. Translated by Steven T. Murray, 2013. 480 pages. Not a fairy tale re-telling but German crime thriller.
Book 179: Never Go Back (Jack Reacher #18 ) by Lee Child, 2013. 416 pages. Latest in the series. Reviews of Books 178 and 179.
Book 180: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender, 2010. 324 pages. Surreal coming-of-age tale.
Book 181: The Shining by Stephen King, 1977. Unabridged audiobook. (15 hrs, 54 mins) Read by Campbell Scott. Still chilling after all these years. Reviews of Books 180 and 181.
Book 182: Urn Burial (Phryne Fisher #8) by Kerry Greenwood, 1996. Unabridged Audiobook (6 hours, 28 mins). Read by Stephanie Daniel. Pastiche of classic Christie country house mystery. Review here.
Book 183: Aphrodite's Workshop for Reluctant Lovers by Marika Cobbold, 2009. 311 pages. Chick-lit with mythic elements. Review here.
Book 184: The Collini Case by Ferdinand von Schirach, 2011. Translated by Anthea Bell, 2012. 190 pages. German legal thriller. Review here.
Book 185: The Abomination (Carnivia Trilogy #1) by Jonathan Holt, 2013. 445 pages. Venice based thriller. Review here.
Book 186: Devoured (Hatton and Roumande #1) by D. E. Meredith, 2010. 319 pages. Early forensics inform Victorian crime thriller. Review here.
Book 187: Raisins and Almonds (Phryne Fisher #9) by Kerry Greenwood, 1997. Unabridged Audiobook (6 hours, 28 mins). Read by Stephanie Daniel. Phryne's investigation brings her into contact with Melbourne's Jewish community. Review here.
Book 188: The World According to Bob (Bob the Cat #2) by James Bowen (with Gary Jenkins), 2013. 286 pages. Further memoirs of James and Bob.
Book 189: The Memory Box by Margaret Foster, 1999. 288 pages. Rambling novel about daughter's search for memories of mother. Reviews of Books 188 and 189.
Book 190: Blood and Beauty by Sarah Dunant, 2013.544 pages and Unabridged audio (18 hours, 27 mins). Narrated by John Telfer. Novel about the Borgias. Review here.
Book 191: Brother Grimm (Jan Fabel #2) by Craig Russell, 2006. 448 pages. Hamburg police procedural with fairy-tale theme.
Book 192: Die Trying (Jack Reacher #2) by Lee Child, 1998. 557 pages. Early Reacher. Reviews of Books 191 and 192.
Book193: The Malice of Fortune by Michael Ennis, 2012. 416 pages. Borgia-themed historical mystery. Review here.
Book 194: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, 2013. 248 pages. Latest from master story-teller. Review here.
Book 195: Rebellion (Matthew Hawkwood #4) by James McGee, 2011. 522 pages. Hawkwood heads to Napoleonic France on undercover mission. Review here.
Book 196: The Khalifah’s Mirror (Father of Locks #2) by Andrew Killeen, 2012. 308 pages. Tales of adventure and intrigue in 9th Century Baghdad. Review here.
Book 197: Death Before Wicket (Phryne Fisher, #10) by Kerry Greenwood, 1999. Unabridged Audiobook (8 hrs, 1 min). Read by Stephanie Daniel. Cricket and magic in 1920s Sydney. Review here.
Book 198: The Night Villa by Carol Goodman, 2009. 420 pages. Historical mystery about lost scrolls.
Book 199: The Book of Fires by Jane Borodale, 2009. 406 pages. Historical novel set in 18th Century London. Reviews of Books 198 and 199.
Book 200: The Shadow Collector (Wesley Peterson #17) by Kate Ellis, 2013. 368 pages. Latest to date in Devon-based police procedurals.
Book 201: Autumn Killing (Malin Fors #3) by Mons Kallentoft, 2009. Translated by Neil Smith, 2012. 503 pages. Seasonal themed Swedish police procedural. Reviews of Books 200 and 201.
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