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Review Anne Rice's Blood Canticle

A few days ago I had finished the book Blood Canticle by Anne Rice. I  admit I've read this book once before some years back and then I found Lestat back then to be a bit full of himself. Howver, this time around I almost felt sorry for him when it came to dealing with Mona. Who at the beheast of Quinn is turned into a vampire and gives our anti-hero all kimds of grief.

But that is only a small part of the story. For in this tale Lestat wants to be a saint. And how does try to accomplish this? By helping first Quinn's family get rid of the ghost of Patsy, then he promises Mona to help her find the child that was lost. This leads him to Morgan Mayfair who he can't help falling for and to a secret Island inhabited by the Talios and adempt to get them off the island.

My Thoughts:  I did enjoy this book and thought that Rice could have continued with Lestat at least for another story even if it's a short story
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