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38-39: Les Rois Maudits / The Accursed Kings books 5 and 6

Originally posted by audrey_e at Books 38-39: Les Rois Maudits / The Accursed Kings books 5 and 6
Following the popularity of Game of Thrones on television  and George R. R. Martin calling The Accursed Kings series "the original Game of Thrones", new editions of the English translation have been published and are available on Amazon. I read them in French, but have included the titles of the official translations below. Here's a review of book 5 and 6. There are seven total, but only six in the original series.

38 LA LOUVE DE FRANCE / THE SHE-WOLF OF FRANCE Maurice Druon (France, 1959)
39 LE LIS ET LE LION / THE LILY AND THE LION Maurice Druon (France, 1960)

The series opens with the reign of Philippe IV of France (known as Philippe le Bel which means Philippe the Fair) and follows the events that lead to the Hundred Years' War. In the middle of great political turmoil, a man and a woman - Robert d'Artois and Mahaut d'Artois- fight for the same earldom.

The sixth installment is where I decided "The Accursed Kings" would end for me, and that's because the seventh one was published much later and is supposed to be radically different. When I can smell that a series is longer than it should be, I stop before the rest is spoiled for me.
What I respect the most about  this series is that Druon's writing style improves with time. We start with some unnecessary comparisons (The Iron King (Book 1)) and end with ones that are more memorable and some effective repetitions. Maurice Druon's style is not amazing but I really appreciate the improvement.
The plot itself  focuses more on the two main protagonists as the end is near, and my interest doubled.
I think it is important to mention I had already seen one of the two television mini-series that have been produced in France prior to reading the books, and I was still engrossed in the story from beginning to end.

The She-Wolf of France: 4/5
The Lily and the Lion: 4/5

For the tags, is it "historical" or "alternate history" for historical novels?
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