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Hour of the Rat, by Lisa Brackmann

Messed-up war vet Ellie McEnroe, still limping around China.

Hour of the Rat

Soho Crime, 2013, 371 pages

Iraq War vet Ellie McEnroe has a pretty good life in Beijing, representing the work of controversial dissident Chinese artist Zhang Jianli. Even though Zhang’s mysterious disappearance of over a year ago has her in the sights of the Chinese authorities. Even though her born-again mother has come for a visit and shows no signs of leaving. But when her mom takes up with "that nice Mr. Zhou next door", Ellie decides that it’s time to get out of town - given her mother’s past bad choices of men, no good can come of this.

An old Army buddy, Dog Turner, gives her the perfect excuse. His unstable brother, Jason, has disappeared in picturesque Yangshuo, a famous tourist destination, and though Ellie knows it’s a long shot, she agrees to try to find him. At worst, she figures she’ll have a few days of fun in some gorgeous scenery.

But her plans for a relaxing vacation are immediately complicated when her mother and the new boyfriend tag along. And as soon as she starts asking questions about the missing Jason, Ellie realizes that she’s stumbled into a dangerous conspiracy that may or may not involve a sinister biotech company, eco-terrorists, an art-obsessed Chinese billionaire, and lots of cats - one that will take her on a wild chase through some of China’s most beautiful - and most surreal - places.

A promising continuation of what looks to be an ongoing series.

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