Margaret (pling) wrote in bookish,

"All Our Yesterdays" Cristin Terrill

The book opens with Em in a cell, obsessed with & terrified by the drain in the floor and plotting her & her fellow prisoner's escape. Her discovery of a note in her own handwriting in the drain - a note she knows she hasn't written - leads to their success. And the two use their captor's time machine to head back to 4 years earlier to try & stop the seemingly inevitable chain of events that lead to that cell. The other main point of view is Marina - who starts the book seemingly a shallow, sheltered, spoilt teenage girl obsessed with her looks & the boy next door. Thankfully it quickly becomes clear that not only is that not really an accurate description but also her character arc involves growing out of appearing that way.

"All Our Yesterdays" by Cristin Terrill is a young adult time travel novel that I rather enjoyed, you can read the rest of my review on my blog.
Tags: author: t, category: young adult, genre: fiction, genre: science fiction, review

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