marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote in bookish,

49 Dogs, 36 Cats, & A Platypus

49 Dogs, 36 Cats, & A Platypus: Animal Cartoons by Sidney Harris

Rather science-geeky cartoons at that.

A fish telling the ones going up the waterfall that it's not that crazy about sex.  A squid telling another that as cephaloids, they can have headaches and footaches, and nothing else.  A sloth philosophically contemplating that at least it's not called envious, wrathful, greedy, proud, lustful, or gluttonous. A catepillar admiring a butterfly as a great disguise.  One elephant suggesting that a high energy diet might mean less time eating.
Tags: author: h, category: comics and manga, category: graphic novels, genre: humor

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