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Debris Dreams, by David Colby

A fun but dilute imitation of Heinlein, with extra gay.

Debris Dreams

Candlemark & Gleam, 2012, approx. 72,000 words

In space, one mistake can be deadly...even more so when you’re at war. After a terrorist attack, Spacer teen Drusilla Xao is drafted into a war fought in the cold of space, with no hope of relief or reinforcements. The only thing that keeps her sane is her correspondence with her earthbound girlfriend Sarah, and the dream of one day setting foot on Earth. The hardest part of being conscripted isn't learning to kill – it's learning to survive.

Someone has played a lot of Traveller and watched a lot of anime and Firefly.

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Tags: author: c, category: young adult, genre: fiction, genre: science fiction, review

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