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Books Read June 2013 (Books 103-120)

Here is a summary of the books I read/reviewed in June with links to longer reviews in my journal. I read quite a few of Kate Ellis' Wesley Peterson series, which I am quite addicted to at present.

Book 103: The Funeral Boat (Wesley Peterson #4) by Kate Ellis, 2000. 240 pages. Vikings ancient and modern inform this police procedural.
Book 104: The Bone Garden (Wesley Peterson #5) by Kate Ellis, 2001. 232 pages. Lost gardens, old and modern murders and cricket. Reviews of Books 103 and 104.
Book 105: Explosive Eighteen (Stephanie Plum #18) by Janet Evanovich, 2011. Unabridged Audiobook (6 hours, 13 mins). Read by Lorelei King. The one with the photograph.
Book 106: Pros and Cons (O'Hare and Fox #0.5) by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg, 2013. ebook. 28 pages. Taster for new series about FBI agent and con man. Reviews of Books 105 and 106.
Book 107: Nordic Noir: The Pocket Essential Guide to Scandinavian Crime Fiction, Film & TV by Barry Forshaw, 2013. 160 pages. Useful overview. Review here.
Book 108: Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles #1) by Gena Showalter, 2012. 404 pages. YA zombie tale that has little relationship to original Alice but still fun. Review here.
Book 109: The Snack Thief (Inspector Montalbano #3) by Andrea Camilleri, 1996. Translated from the Italian by Stephen Sartarelli, 2003. 298 pages. I adore this series. Review here.
Book 110: A Midsummer's Nightmare by Garry Kilworth, 1996. 324 pages. Comedy featuring the faeries from Shakespeare's tale. Just delightful. Review here.
Book 111: The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger, 2003. Unabridged audiobook (14 hrs, 4 mins). Read by Bernadette Dunne. Chick-lit classic which is a sharp satire of the world of high fashion magazines. Review here.
Book 112: A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen (with Garry Jenkins), 2012. 279 pages. Heart warming tale of a cat and his human. Review here.
Book 113: A Painted Doom (Wesley Peterson #6) by Kate Ellis, 2002. 336 pages. Murdered rock star and the Wars of the Roses.
Book 114: The Skeleton Room (Wesley Peterson #7) by Kate Ellis, 2003. 374 pages. Skeleton found in hidden room of former boarding school interwoven with more recent murders. Reviews of Books 113 and 114.
Book 115: Notorious Nineteen (Stephanie Plum #19) by Janet Evanovich, 2012. Unabridged Audiobook (6 hours, 7 mins). Read by Lorelei King. The one with the tiki. Last in the series to date. Review here.
Book 116: Tamburlaine Must Die by Louise Welsh, 2004.149 pages. Fictional account of the last three days of Christopher Marlowe's life. Review here.
Book 117: Lady of the Shades by Darren Shan, 2012. 320 pages and unabridged Audiobook (10 hours, 23 mins). Read by William Hope. Dark supernatural thriller inspired by film noir. Review here.
Book 118: A Plague Maiden (Wesley Peterson #8) by Kate Ellis, 2004. 362 pages. Murders both historic and modern and the Black Death.
Book 119: A Cursed Inheritance (Wesley Peterson #9 by Kate Ellis, 2005. 361 pages. Bodies stack up! Reviews of Books 118 and 119.
Book 120: The Heist (O'Hare and Fox #1) by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg, 2013. Unabridged Audio Book (8 hours, 26 mins). Read by Scott Brick. Fun and frothy caper that is the start of new series. Review here.
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