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Solstice Wood

Solstice Wood by Patricia A. McKillip

Sylvia gets a phone call, across the country from Lynn Hall to where she has her bookstore -- a call from her grandmother, to tell her that her grandfather died.  She returns, for the first time in years, and they find her changed.  And there she reads the story that her ancestor Rois left behind.

Which leads into the magic that Lynn Hall would be a gateway to, if they let it.  And she learns that the hall was left not to her grandmother, but to her.

The rest of the tale involves a man whose love can be reached only by fiddle, an overturned boat, a quilt that mice got at, going under a hydrangea bush to make a cell phone call, a man who wants to make a theme park, a character whose father shot a deer, and trying to hunt it down, found only a wounded woman, and legacies from of old, for several families.
Tags: genre: fantasy, xxx author last name: i-q

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