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Book 14: The Buddha in the Attic

Originally posted by audrey_e at Book 14: The Buddha in the Attic
14 THE BUDDHA IN THE ATTIC Julie Otsuka (USA, 2011)

Written through the perspective of a multiplicity of female voices (first person plural), The Buddha in the Attic tells the story of Japanese immigration to the US, from picture brides to Pearl Harbor.

This book is a true literary accomplishment. It is both well-written and well-researched.
Julie Otsuka explores the lives of these women through a "we" that sometimes turns into a "some of us" to acknowledge the diversity of experience. It is impossible not to sympathize with these women who married men they did not know, worked in the fields or became maids, and then lost everything when the war came.
This short book often reads like a long poem, and I would recommend you to sip it like a good wine.
It is an instant classic of immigration experience in the US, along with Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior. The Buddha in the Attic should be taught in schools.

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