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Saturday Book Giveaway: The Joanna Brady series by J.A. Jance

Well, some books you can't even give away! I have sent Red Dragon to myownmuggle and Flowers in the Attic to asulon_bellanca, but I guess The Ninja, Black Wind, and Beast will just stay on my shelves (or get mulched).

This is just about my last giveaway.

J.A. Jance

I read the Joanna Brady series some years ago, and was a faithful follower for a while. I really only started reading it because I liked the Southwest setting. The series starts with Desert Heat, in which Joanna Brady, wife of a small-town cop who's running for Sheriff, becomes a widow and decides to run for the office her slain husband was seeking.

Joanna becomes Sheriff Brady, and in each book has another set of crimes to deal with in Bisbee, Arizona and surrounding Cochise County. Like most detective series, it accumulates cruft in the form of an ever-expanding cast, each of whom have their own subplots which you need to be caught up on in each successive book, so by book seven or eight we're reading as much about how Joanna Brady's friend the Methodist minister is adopting a girl from China and the ex-prostitute she rescued a few books ago is getting married, etc. I commented on this phenomenon when I gave away my Tony Hillerman collection.

I enjoyed the Joanna Brady series; it's entertaining police procedural stuff and if you like reading about a bunch of characters over the course of the series, you will probably find it very much to your taste. Not exactly brilliant writing, but for those who want to invest themselves in a fairly long series, it's now up to fifteen books. I have the first eight:

  1. Desert Heat
  2. Tombstone Courage
  3. Shoot Don't Shoot
  4. Dead to Rights
  5. Skeleton Canyon
  6. Rattlesnake Crossing
  7. Outlaw Mountain
  8. Devil's Claw

Has anyone else read these? Comment below! Also comment below if you want these books.


1. Only ask for them if you actually want to read them. If you post a review here on bookish, that would be swell.

2. You must PM me your address if you are chosen.

3. U.S. only.
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