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Book Review: Oedipus Rex

ed2577fc-d149-40c8-abd1-973ade9ccaea_zpsab0159e6As an introduction of sorts, why not start with a name known throughout Western culture: Oedipus. Just remembering who Oedipus killed and who he slept with, and you're golden for fancy dinner parties. But it's not the same as reading it.

Spoiler alters didn't exist back int the 5th century. Now people are hermits until they finish the latest book in a series. No, these Greeks sat on benches outside, watched four plays in a row per playwright straight when they knew the myths and the endings. Sophocles is nice and offers irony that our smart, little Oedipus catches too late.

Oedipus Rex is a mix of 'who dun it' and 'curiosity killed the cat'. Oedipus was a nice guy saving Thebes once, and now being King felt obligated. Though it was his fault this time. Maybe Apollo was getting impatient, who knows. (You'd think Jocasta would've seen some connection between Oedipus' feet wounds.) By the end, doing something bizarre like eye gorging, is natural when you go from the people seeing almost as a god to hearing the revolting truth and leading a life in exile. That's a blow to the ego.

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