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Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

Do ghosts exist, or not?  A good question for April Fools Day!  (Thank you LJ, for not posting here)

Andie Miller doesn’t believe in them, but her mom does.  Her ex-husband North certainly doesn’t believe in ghosts, dedicated businessman that he is, but his two orphaned cousins have just been abandoned by yet another nanny who insists that the house is haunted.  He wants competent Andie to go upstate and look into things.   Andie’s new fiancé isn’t thrilled with this move, but North’s playboy brother thinks ghosts will impress his latest girlfriend.

The cover picture shows a teacup floating over a cushioned chair, so clearly ghosts are a possibility in this story.  On the other hand, the protagonist is looking for a sensible lifestyle, so maybe not.
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