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Saturday Book Giveaway: The Navajo Mysteries by Tony Hillerman (11 books!)

Only three people wanted my grimdark science fiction collection. :\ So I flipped a three-sided coin and the winner is... tealterror0. Your books are on the way.

This Saturday, I am parting with a collection that has taken up an entire shelf for many years. It's hard to part with it. But I am forcing myself to stop clinging to books that are really just sitting around unread.

I wrote about Tony Hillerman and his Navajo mysteries here, in my review of the last book in the series, The Shape Shifter. The Leaphorn/Chee series is my all-time favorite mystery series (not that I read a lot of mysteries). They're good reads, they cover Navajo culture in a realistic and thoughtful way, and you will come to think of all the characters as old friends. I wasn't a fan of the last few books, where Hillerman was obviously running out of steam, but I would still highly recommend this series.

There are a total of eighteen books in the series. I have eleven of them, which I am giving away. Note that two of my editions are actually hardcovers. Yes, I will send all of them to you.

Tony Hillerman

Below is a list of all the books in the series. Those listed in red are books that are not included in my collection.

Actually, this is not entirely true. I do have a copy of The Blessing Way. This is the original paperback I read way back in college that hooked me on the series, and my sentimental attachment is just too strong — I can't part with it. But if you want to start from the beginning, you should have no problem getting a used copy of your own or borrowing it from the library.

  1. The Blessing Way
  2. Dance Hall of the Dead
  3. Listening Woman
  4. People of Darkness
  5. The Dark Wind
  6. The Ghostway
  7. Skinwalkers
  8. A Thief of Time
  9. Talking God
  10. Coyote Waits
  11. Sacred Clowns (hardcover)
  12. The Fallen Man
  13. The First Eagle
  14. Hunting Badger (hardcover)
  15. The Wailing Wind
  16. The Sinister Pig
  17. Skeleton Man
  18. The Shape Shifter

So, as per usual, if you would like these books, comment below.


1. Only ask for them if you seriously want to read them. (I would like it very much if you post a review here on bookish, but I won't hold you to that.)

2. I choose winners more or less randomly, but if you have always wanted to read these books, say so.

3. You must PM me your address if you are chosen.

4. U.S. only, sorry. Shipping eleven books overseas is way too expensive.

More books next Saturday. :)
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