Whitley Does Not Appove This Message (notapproved) wrote in bookish,
Whitley Does Not Appove This Message

Hello, I'm here looking for suggestions. I recently took it into my head to statistically compare YA books with female protagonists and with male protagonists. Things like the gender/alliance break-down of the cast, the most often used words in the summaries, stuff like that. However, while I'm finding tons of books with female main characters, I can't find enough male main characters to compare to. There seem to be a trend where male characters stop at 14 or so, and while I can find a handful that are in the 15-18 range, it's not enough to make a fair comparison to the 350 female books I've collected so far.

I've been going off the listopia feature on Goodreads, and that's user-generated, so I'm thinking maybe I'm just looking at lists made by people who like female MC books. I'm wondering if anyone can help me find a similar trove of male MC books for my project.

Also, I'm only looking at stuff published since 2010 and put out by a publishing company, no self-published works. I'm more heavily focused on sci-fi/fantasy/adventure than I am slice-of-life/literature.


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