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Ou Lu Khen and the Beautiful Madwoman, by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

A poetic, finely-crafted Asian fantasy.

Ou Lu Khen and the Beautiful Madwoman

Ace Books, 1985, 243 pages

Known to readers for her magnificent TOMOE GOZEN SAGA, Jessica Amanda Salmonson here turns her talents to the story of a simple man's quest for love.

Lu Khen was in love with the madwoman who lived in the forest. But the Powers had decreed that an ordinary mortal could never marry one blessed with the gift of madness. To win it for himself, Lu Khen set out for the crumbling tombs of the Lost Dynasty, a period of demonic rule so horrifying that it had been erased from the history books.

There he would find the power to win the love he sought... or perish!

It's not a sequel to the Tomoe Gozen trilogy, but it shares its heart and world.

Also by Jessica Amanda Salmonson: My reviews of The Tomoe Gozen trilogy and A Silver Thread of Madness.

My complete list of book reviews.
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