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My 2012 book list

23 this year if you count comic collections, which I do.
21 if you don't.

  1. The Infernal City
  2. Lord of Souls
  3. Aspho Fields - Karen Traviss
  4. Jacinto's Remnant - Traviss
  1. Anvil Gate - Traviss
  1. Walking Dead Compendium 1
  2. Coalition's End - Traviss
  3. The House Without the Door - Elizabeth Daly
  4. This Side of Paradise - F. Scott Fitzgerald
  5. The Island of Doctor Moreau - HG Wells
  1. The Slab - Traviss
  1. Sanctuary - Edith Wharton
  1. Little Princess
  1. Harry Potter + the Deathly Hallows
  1. Lord of the flies
  1. Blue Lagoon
  1. Dr. Jekyll + Mr. Hyde
  1. Summer - Edith Wharton
  1. Penpal - Dathan Auerbach
  2. Walking Dead Compendium 2
  3. Dune - Frank Herbert
  1. Dune Messiah - Herbert
  1. Children of Dune - Herbert

A pretty good number of these are video game tie-ins. I highly recommend the Gears of War series by Karen Traviss.
Best book that I read this year is decidedly Dune. Honorable mention to Dathan Auerbach's Penpal. It's his first novel and he did a fantastic job.

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