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December books

So I got 138 books in for the year. I was trying to see if I could make it to 150, but oh well.

118. Medieval Cats - Kathleen Walker-Meikle (12/1)
119. Breathe - Sarah Crossan (12/4)
120. Powerless - Matthew Cody (12/6)
121. Static - Tawny Stokes (12/6)
122. The Wine of Angels - Phil Rickman (12/9)
123. Chill - Elizabeth Bear (12/10)
124. Saga v1 - Brian K Vaughan (12/11) (graphic novel)
125. Grail - Elizabeth Bear (12/14)
126. The Sea Thy Mistress - Elizabeth Bear (12/16)
127. Once Upon A Blue Moose - Daniel Pinkwater (12/17)(omnibus)
128. The Dead of Winter - Lee Collins (12/18)
129. Edge of Infinity - ed. Jonathan Strahan (12/18)
130. Marsbound - Joe Haldeman (12/20)
131. The Kingdom of Gods - NK Jemisin (12/21)
132. Runaways v1 - Brian K Vaughan (12/22) (graphic novel)
133. Royal Street - Suzanne Johnson (12/23)
134. Shady Lady - Ann Aguirre (12/23)
135. Dirty Little Secrets - CJ Omololu (12/27)
136. Heading South, Looking North: A Bilingual Journey - Ariel Dorfman (12/28)
137. My Girlfriend Comes To The City And Beats Me Up - Stephen Elliott (12/29)
138. Snuff - Terry Pratchett (12/30)

Best Nonfiction: Medieval Cats by Walker-Meikle, best damn coffee table book ever, and far superior to the usual fare. Wanna know why Mercutio calls Tybalt the King of Cats? Well, I'm not going to tell you, so read the book.

Best Graphic Novel: Saga v1 by Vaughan, art by Fiona Staples. Really good art, full of surreal touches of humour, like The Will's lying cat, a gigantic grumpy cat that saying "Lying!" whenever somebody lies in its presence. Or the people of the robot kingdom, who walk around with tv set heads and otherwise look human. Sort of Romeo & Juliet plus Les Miserables plus Alice In Wonderland. Kinda.

Best Fiction: is really hard to pick. I read a lot more novels with things I didn't like in them than I usually do, but I also read a number of really intense, awesome novels too. I will settle for mentioning a few, see below.

Powerless by Cody, a really good superhero novel somewhere on the edge of kids and YA. The kids in their small town have superpowers...but only until they turn 13. And then they forget. When a Sherlock-obsessed normal kid comes to town, he ends up being pulled in to an effort to solve the mystery.

Grail by Bear, the conclusion of the Jacob's Ladder trilogy about a generation ship that's been stuck in space for centuries. This had the most consistently intense last 75 or so pages I've ever read, leading up to a gloriously WTF conclusion that made me cry. I was late to work because I had to finish it. Honourable Mention: The Sea Thy Mistress by Bear, the 3rd (publication order) and 3rd (chronological order) book in the Angsty Norse trilogy (I don't know what its official name is). Also intense and really good, but I think Grail outdoes it just a little, or fits to my personal weirdnesses of taste a little more.

Snuff by Pratchett, for having Vimes swoop down upon the unrighteous and smite them! They make a satisfying thump. There is beautiful music. There is the return of the Summoning Dark, plus epic chases on land, sea, and freshwater.

Once Upon A Blue Moose by Pinkwater, because hey, . . . it's Pinkwater. Nathan of the North, an old prospector, mountain man, trapper, scout, mule driver, hunter, and conservative Jewish rabbi, wins me over every time.

Edge of Infinity, ed. by Strahan. What an amazing damn anthology. I read every single story. (As opposed to its companion anthology, of which I could stand to read none.) Stories about near-Earth adventures in colonizing space.

And with those 5 mentions I will have to be content, mainly because I want to be able to get up for work tomorrow morning.

Happy New Year, all . . .

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