Comrade Cat (comrade_cat) wrote in bookish,
Comrade Cat

November books

107. Naked City - ed. Ellen Datlow (11/3)
108. Shoggoths in Bloom - Elizabeth Bear (11/6)
109. The Chains That You Refuse - Elizabeth Bear (11/6)
110. The Last Dragonslayer - Jasper Fforde (11/6)
111. Revenant Eve - Sherwood Smith (11/10)
112. Basic Psychic Hygiene - Sophie Reicher (11/10)
113. Faerie After - Janni Lee Simner (11/12)(advance reading copy)
114. Devil Said Bang - Richard Kadrey (11/14)
115. Dark Souls - Paula Morris (11/17)
116. Chasing Shakespeares - Sarah Smith (11/24)
117. The Knowledge of Water - Sarah Smith (11/27)

Everything was incredibly terrific except Dark Souls, which was merely entertaining.

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