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Through The Looking Glass

Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

The sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, of course.

In one respect better, because Alice had a purpose more driving than her desire to enter the garden.  In one respect worse, because Alice was going on in an animated manner at the point at which she purported fell asleep -- unlike lazing about under a tree.

But in the same manner, filled with wonderful whimsical characters and Alice's sharp edged interactions with them.   They are sometimes described as "illogical" but the truth of the matter is, they are rigorously logical, past all common sense.  Alice is frustrated with her conversations with the White King about "nobody" because he uses it as logic does -- as a rigid, fixed term always meaning the same thing -- while Alice is using it idiomatically.

Jam yesterday, and jam tomorrow, but never jam today!
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