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Goodreads & a review

First, to make this post relevant, here is a review, yay!


A Stolen Life - Jaycee Dugard

Rating: 2/5
Review: I am giving this book more slack because I keep reminding myself that the girl only has a 5th grade education level, but the writing style was absolutely awful. I feel like I read a book full of nothing, because everything she wrote about, I have read in articles. I was expecting more details, or more about what she actually WENT through during her time of capture, but it seemed more like someone found her therapists notebook and published it.

I just feel like this book was very rushed, probably due in part that she published it almost immediately after her return to her old life. She should have waited to write this.

Okay now lets swap GOODREADS accounts! I need more active friends as I have like... 1.

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