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A Bride's Story

A Bride's Story by Kaoru Mori.

A manga about the day-to-day incidences in the life of a new bride.  In Central Asia.  During the 19th century.  Amir, the bride, is twenty.  Karluk, the bridegroom, is twelve.

Yes, it's an arranged marriage, a fact that is never brought up.  Probably all the marriages are arranged, and no one ever discusses it, which is a nice effect.

So instead of drama about that, we have stories about how Amir has a bow -- her still nomadic tribe hunts still, while Karluk's townsfolk do not.  And how the youngest boy scurries off to watch a wood carver, and the first time he's punished with no supper, Amir brings him a meal and tells him she can't do it again, leading to later complications.

Amir's family at one point decides it was a mistake to send her there when they have need of another bride, quickly, and so they try to take her back.  Nothing doing.

And one of her sisters-in-law likes embroidering hawks and nothing else.  Until the women drag out all their family embroideries and woo her with possibilities.

There are three volumes, best read in order because incidents do have consequences.

And the art is gorgeous.  Lovely, intricate -- and gorgeous enough that both times I bought volumes at the bookstore the clerk blinked and commented on how gorgeous the covers were.

Tags: category: graphic novels, genre: fiction, xxx author last name: i-q

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