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#73 Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong

This review has small spoilers for previous volumes in the Otherworld series, but no real spoilers for Thirteen.Thirteen

The members of the Supernatural Liberation Movement are sick of living in hiding, and are prepared to reveal the existence of the paranormal to the wider world. But Savannah Levine and her friends fear that such a revelation would result in another inquisition, and know they must be stopped. Taking down the SLM will require the efforts of all of the women of the Otherworld, including members that have already moved on to the afterlife.

Thirteen is the final book in Kelley Armstrong's wildly successful Otherworld series. Thirteen has a lot of elements that will appeal to longtime fans of the series. For the first time in thirteen books, you really get to see all of the protagonists from the Otherworld series work together (with the exception of Robyn from Living with the Dead, which I didn't really mind). Beloved secondary characters make a return, as well as some surprise returning minor villains. Thirteen, like all of the Women of the Otherworld books, is swift moving and presents the reader with plenty of exciting suspense. There was one scene in particular that left me mouth agape in shock.

At the same time, Thirteen is far from one of the strongest novels in the Otherworld series. Reading through it made me realize that while Kelley Armstrong may do exceptionally well at telling self-contained stories, she fumbles a bit with building larger one. More specifically, she struggles with the big pay off at the end of a larger story. Perhaps some of my frustration is my own fault, but when I saw that covered described Thirteen as the “epic” finale to the series, I came in with big expectations such as world changing events, or significant character deaths. Instead, despite the large cast, the stakes seemed only about just as high as a typical Otherworld novel. I also found myself disappointed with the villains. As a result, I often felt underwhelmed while reading Thirteen, as if the author had pulled her punches and the book didn't have the same impact as a result.

Although I had a fun time reading Thirteen, I can't also deny that it wasn't always quite what I was looking for. Perhaps the fault lies more in me than anything. Armstrong clearly told a sucessful tale here, but it just wasn't the one that I was hoping for. Still, I think that every Otherworld fan should pick up this book. I really enjoyed getting to see all of my favorite characters back again and it was great to see how things ended.

Rating: three and a half stars
Length: 444 pages
Source: Lewiston Public Library
Other books I've read by this author: everything. Let's just leave it at that :)

Next I will be reviewing The Calling by Kelley Armstrong and Madame Xanadu, Vol 3: Broken House of Cards by Matt Wagner

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