la_mariane (la_mariane) wrote in bookish,

Reading Marathon on Sunday : anyone wants to read along?

In my struggle to read 40 books before the deadline of my reading challenge, I've decided to go on a reading marathon on Sunday. The idea is pretty simple : I pick up a book I've begun, the aim being to finish it (or, at least, make significant headway towards the end if it's an enormous tome).

Here are the books I've "en chantier" now :
  • two Sherlock Holmes by ACD : The Valley of Fear and a short stories volume
  • a short novel by Selma Lagerlöf (it might be finished before Sunday, but I'm includung it in this list just in case)
  • Cell by Stephen King (which is scary, so I can only read it during daytime)
  • not begun but I plan to read it next : Pericles by Shakespeare.
So, which book shoud I read on Sunday? Also, will anyone read with me? Feel free to comment saying what you're reading, which book you want to finish, ... The more, the merrier :)

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