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Book Review: The Book of Lost Things

Imagine being able to hear your books whisper their stories in your ear; of being able to magically step into the world of your favorite books, where fantasy become reality.

Welcome to David’s strange and wonderful world – where books talk and argue with each other, and where fairytales come alive…literally.

Young David loves to read, especially stories about gallant knights going off on dangerous adventures to save princesses or kings.  He loves fairytale books where goodness and courage are rewarded and evil is punished.  Unfortunately, David lives in the real world, and in the real world, David soon learns that not everyone gets a happy ending.

Having recently suffered a tragic loss, David withdraws into his own world, a world of books, losing himself in favorite fairytales, until one day, he is able to cross over from his world to the world of knights, wolves, huntsmen and kings.

In the other world, it’s as if David suddenly walked into a familiar fairytale – except that the fairytales in this other world are darker and more twisted, unlike any of the ones he’s heard hundreds of times before.

In The Book of Lost ThingsJohn Connolly puts a realistic twist on beloved fairytales.  By drawing on people’s childhood fears and fantasies, he succeeds in creating darker, more mature versions of classic bedtime stories.

Readers who love fairytales and mysteries will surely lose themselves in The Book of Lost Things, with all the familiar elements of childhood, and though it is a book about children, it is, by no means a children’s book.

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