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And the books go Marching on.

27. Mission Child - Maureen F McHugh (3/4)
28. Ship of Souls - Zetta Elliott (3/7)
29. The Princess and the Lord of Night - Emma Bull, ill. Susan Gaber (3/7)
30. Fair Game - Patricia Briggs (3/9)
31. Cloven Hooves - Megan Lindholm (3/10)
32. Echoes of Betrayal - Elizabeth Moon (3/12)
33. Arctic Rising - Tobias Buckell (3/13)
34. Terrier - Tamora Pierce (reread)(3/17)
35. White Tiger - Kylie Chan (3/26)
36. Nightfall - Stephen Leather (3/31)

My favourite of this batch is Fair Game, by Briggs - the Alpha and Omega series just keeps getting better. Cloven Hooves is definitely memorable though.
Tags: genre: fiction

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