melissa (somehowfurious) wrote in bookish,

Non-fiction books about Scotland?

I’d like recommendations for non-fiction books (or academic essays!) about Scottish history and politics. I don’t have a particular time period in mind, but the qualities I am looking for in a recommendation are:

- books that are not anti-Scotland (though not necessarily pro-Scotland either, Scotland-neutral is just fine)
- books that don’t gloss over less savoury aspects of Scottish history
- books that are not written by David Starkey (I have Starkey issues)
- books that are interesting, informative and enjoyable to read

Hopefully, you are currently thinking of a book; if so, then I am looking forward to your recommendation(s). If not, then I still thank you for taking the time to read this request.
Tags: genre: non-fiction, requesting a read, subject: history

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