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Saturday Book Discussion: That ever-growing TBR list

This will be another short post because I hate Comcast and their inept staff of badly-trained tech-school washouts with the heat of a thousand burning suns and not unrelated to this point, I am reduced to trekking to a coffee shop for wireless access for an indeterminate period of time ranging from a day or two to the cooling of the sun, depending on which stammering script-reciting moppet answers my call which is Very Important to Comcast Which Values My Feedback and would like me to answer a survey about how well they have Exceeded My Expectations after I've been told how Very Very Sorry They Are For the Inconvenience (which they can't do anything about or give me an ETA on fixing).

What, melodramatic, moi?

Where do you get your recs?

So, if you are like me, your To-Be-Read pile has a distressing habit of growing faster than your Read pile shrinks. Being an organized sort (HAHAHAHAHAHA I laugh bitterly), I kind of plan my reading sort of, but I also have a habit of just grabbing something that looks interesting even if I hadn't heard of it previously.

One of the worries authors have about the growing self-publishing phenomenon is that Amazon now has five billion books for sale that aren't clearly marked as "Self Published," often sitting alongside professionally-written and edited books published by real publishers. We've discussed self-published books before, but even if you are one of those people who will read them, presumably you like to have some indication as to which ones are worth your time. The fact that self-published authors are increasingly resorting to schemes whereby they all friend each other and write each other 5-star reviews makes it a lot harder to rely on Amazon reviews.

So what makes you decide to read a book? Do you just browse through bookstores and grab books with pretty covers? Do you read professional book reviews? Do you mostly look for favorite authors or the next in a series? Do you rely on Goodreads and other social media sites? Do all your recs come from bookish? Do you follow a few reviewers whose tastes you trust?

I mostly follow a variety of book bloggers and Goodreads reviewers. I have bought more than one book on an impulse to read it immediately after the author did a good job of pimping it on John Scalzi's The Big Idea. And there are authors whose backlists I am slowly working through. I can't think of any individual who consistently likes what I like and dislikes what I dislike, but there are reviewers who do a good job of describing why they like or dislike something, such that I am motivated to read something (or not) based on their description.

So, here's a chance to promote your favorite book blogger or community to find the next good read. (This is not for promoting your own book blog, though; if your reviews are made of win, then someone else ought to say so.)

ETA: Screw it, poll code is borked and with coffee shop wireless, I don't have the patience to edit and fix. So just comment, yo.

How do you choose new books to read? Check all that apply.
Random browsing in a bookstore.
I look for new books from a favorite author or series.
I go trawling for books of a particular type that I am in a mood to read.
Professional book reviews.
Browsing reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.
Recs from friends, favorite book bloggers.
Book clubs.

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