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#78 Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Note- This book is also called Mistborn: The Final Empire, and The Final Empire. So I don't get confused, I'm just calling it by the title that appeared on my copy.

Vin is a lowly street urchin that depends on her “luck,” a magical ability that helps her influence others, to make her indispensable to her gang. After pulling a big job, Vin learns that her abilities have little to do with luck. She is actually a Mistborn, a rare individual with the ability to pull power from specific metals. She meets Kelsier, another Mistborn, who agrees to take her under his wing. In return, she finds herself drawn into his plans to do the impossible, take down the immortal Lord Ruler whose dark reign has lasted over a thousand years.

I've heard some pretty good things about Brandon Sanderson's books, so I came into Misborn with pretty high expectations. I'm happy to report that these exceptions were surpassed. Mistborn is an engrossing epic filled with likable characters, a vibrant setting, a twisty turny plot, and a fascinating system of magic that had this fantasy addict near purring in pleasure. Sanderson has a knack for taking classic fantasy tropes and putting his own spin on them. Mistborn takes place in a world where the hero has already fought against the forces of evil, and the results are far from positive. Ash falls from the sky, the ground is barren, and the skaa have been forced into slavery by the elite.

Misborn's greatest strength can be found in it's cast of characters. Vin is a good choice for a protagonist. Because she is so young, and unfamiliar with the world of allomancy (the magical system that uses metals), we get to learn about the world of Mistborn with her. It's easy to relate to her struggles as she begins to question who she is, and who she should trust. Kelsier, the charismatic leader, serves as a secondary protagonist. What I liked the most about him is the fact that despite the fact that he is the hero, that he is far from faultless, and even commits acts that many may find reprehensible. Similarly, most characters in this novel are more complex than they appear at first, even the Lord Ruler.

Mistborn is easily one of the most satisfying books that I've read all year. The moment I finished it (and fully digested that ending), I handed my copy to my fiance and demanded that he be the next one to read it, and then let him know who he should give it to once he's done. Obviously, this is a book I highly recommend.

Rating: five stars
Length: 672 pages
Source: paperbackswap
Other books I've read by this author This is my first

Next I will be reviewing Smile by Raina Telgemeier, and Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

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