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Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude by Neal Pollack

Since I got my Kindle approximately a year ago I have applied myself diligently to spending as little money as possible on the big publishers' outrageously priced ebooks (I mean, honestly, why the HELL should I pay $9.99 or more for an electronic copy of a book?) while still enjoying quality reading material. I have been helped along with that goal by Books on the Knob, which features a plethora of free or very cheap books on a daily basis. Through it, I have come across many a unique book title including, but not limited to, small arms usage, the history of disease, and hot gay erotica. My most recent discovery is Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude by Neal Pollack. The sample chapter convinced me to shell out the publisher's recently (and probably temporarily) discounted price of $.99. Crude, snarky, and self-deprecating, this book will make you laugh out loud while illuminating the earnestness and pretentiousness of the Los Angeles yoga subculture. Witness the author's style with this snippet about attending a yoga class:

Everyone was going around and sharing what was “sacred” to them … Most things I found sacred, like marijuana, masturbating to Internet porn, and eating variety meats, simply weren’t going to go over well during an 8 am Saturday circle ceremony.

I'll be honest: not a whole lot happens in this book. Certainly, it lacks car chases and gun battles. However, If you are looking for a light, engaging tale of a "doughy 35 year-old white" dude's exploration into yoga give Stretch a shot. 

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