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The Light-Bearer's Daughter (Thre Chronicles of Faerie, Book 3) by O.R. Melling

The Light-Bearer's Daughter (The Chronicles of Faerie, Book 3)The Light-Bearer's Daughter by O.R. Melling

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From Goodreads
The third book in this critically acclaimed trilogy, which Booklist described as "shimmering with magic, myth, and romance"

Dana has few memories of her mother, who disappeared when she was small. But she has always dreamed, despite her father's discouragement, that her mother would come back one day. When her dad decides to leave Ireland and take a job across the ocean in Canada, Dana is heartbroken. How can she leave her home and the only chance of seeing her mother again? She runs away, high into the fairy mountains of Ireland. Following ancient paths, with a mysterious wolf companion at her side, Dana encounters a world of tragic enchantment and fairy romance, and discovers a great secret about herself.

With lush descriptions and rich Celtic lore, plus cameo appearances by characters from the previous books, this latest chronicle will satisfy fans of the series and entice new readers

My review

I didn't really enjoy this book. The main reason is the author's writing style and motivations. Her writing style felt really drawn out because of all the lists. Why is it necessary to list every single item of food at a banquet? These lists are frequent and just go on and on.

What do I mean by motivations? It seemed heavily steeped in "hippiness," meaning "we must save the earth" is a prevalent theme. That would be ok but it was just so frequent that it seemed like it was being rammed down my throat. With the threat of forests being cut down and constant preachiness it seemed more like "Ferngully" than an awesome piece of literature. I also thought it was really strange that the main character, a 12-year-old, was a vegetarian.

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