Andrea Christoph (voyevoda) wrote in bookish,
Andrea Christoph

Looking For Recommendations

Hello! I just received a Kobo for my birthday and it has stoked the fire in me to devour as many books as possible. I was hoping for some recommendations.

One thing I've been wanting to read for quite a while (and not finding) are feminist-friendly books. Meaning ones where I won't cringe at stereotypes of women, where the female protagonists/antagonists are strong and confident and awesome, romances where the gal's whole life is NOT her love interest and how she can please them, etc.

Any genre, any length, any publication date- I just want me some strong-female books! :) Thanks in advance.

ETA: Also, as another tiny request, I'd like reccs for books set in Europe in general (preferably modern day or AU).
Tags: requesting a read

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