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Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

So I'm one of those people that loves herself a good crime show on TV. It all started with my obsession with Law & Order in all it's various forms and just built from there. I'm pretty much addicted to the Investigation Discovery channel and I will watch pretty much any documentary that has something to do with a serial killer/true crime story.

That being said, I've never been interested in the whole mystery/crime/suspense genre when it came to books. How does that make any sense, you ask? Honestly, it doesn't! I just don't think I've given the genre a try for some unknown reason. Well, let me just say, Never Knowing did a fine job of representing! This was a book that was at full speed from page one and never let up. I, being a person that gets bored fairly quickly with tedious description and meandering plot lines, quite enjoyed that!

The story is about Sara Gallagher, a woman who grew up adopted to a loving mother, yet terribly distant father. As you might imagine, she daydreamed about what her biological parents were like. Do to a series of events, she ends up finding her birth mother, but she also finds she's the sole survivor of a serial killer who's still on the loose. Throw into that mix the fact that this serial killer is more than likely her actual father and you've got an intriguing story on your hands.

Now, there's all kinds of way that this story could have gone bad, but the author does a fine job of making it not only believeable, but incredibly engaging. This is one of the few books were I was literally annoyed if I had to stop reading for any reason. I just had to know what happened next! The characters were well written and well developed. The plot, as I said, went full speed from jump. I suppose the only thing keeping this book from 5 stars is the fact that the main character, Sara, started grating my nerves near the end of the book. But, hey, I don't have to like her to know that she's still a well fleshed out character! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to be kept on the edge of their seat, whether they like this genre or not. And I look forward to reading more of what Chevy Stevens has to offer!

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