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Review: Cemetery Murders, by Jean Marcy

#29: Cemetery Murders by Jean Marcy:
In the meantime, Harvey decided to forgo the finish of his late-afternoon nap to join us and petition for some kibble. I tossed a half-cup of the dry stuff into his bowl and he looked at me disdainfully and leapt up on the table to inspect our visitor. I shooed him off, trying for the surprised look of one who never allows her cat on the kitchen table.

Synopsis: PI Meg Darcy takes her job very seriously -- except that whenever she runs into police detective Sarah Lindstrom (aka The Ice Queen), her brain goes bananas. Seeing the line of work they're both in, this happens quite a lot. But when someone in St. Louis starts killing off homeless women and dumping their bodies in cemeteries, both women get deadly serious about finding the culprit.

Yes, I went there. :)

My review at Three Dollar Bill Reviews

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