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Books in my life (And some curiosity about the ones in yours.)

I often browse through the books on the Goodreads giveaways (something I suggest if you don't already do it.  You have to slog through a lot of less than great stuff but sometimes you find some rare gems.)  I was doing that today because I haven't done it for awhile and it really got me thinking about how my tastes have changed over the years.  Now, I have had books in my life since before I can remember.  My mother read to me when I was a little girl, too young to even remember the books I was read.  I remember weekly trips to the library where I would take out stacks and stacks of books (and then rack up huge fines because I could never finish them within a week and would be charged late fees.  I never got the hang of that renewing thing...)  I remember reading two or more grade levels above where I was and devouring books to no end.

I also remember in high school that I LOVED fantasy books.  Not so much the vampire novels (though I did have a short affair with the Anne Rice series.)  I'm talking high fantasy.  I loved magic and witches and dragons and everything involved with that.  I also remembered HATING things like the classics I would be forced to read in school and couldn't stand non-fiction.  I thought that all of the fantasy books that I had read were just OH SO GOOD.  This was how it was, probably for all four years of high school, if not a little longer even.

Now I'm finding that a lot of the fantasy books I loved as a teen, I really can't stand now.  Or, I just don't have the love for them that I once did.  As I went through college and had to read every type of genre that there is, I found myself loving all sorts of books and genres and authors.  I found myself shying away from the fantasy books.  I have a particular love for YA lit and have to remind myself sometimes to read something different.  As I was browsing through the Goodreads giveaways, I find that now I shy away from anything fantasy.  I don't bother entering it because, for one, it will probably be poorly written.  The fantasy market is not what it once was and I don't have the love for it I once did.  I almost can't stand it now (though there are a few books that will always be dear to my heart) and some of the ideas these authors come up with makes me want to groan.

So here is my question.  How have your tastes changed over the years?  Have they stayed the same?  Or have they been a bit more drastic, like mine have?

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