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Michael Moorcock's Behold The Man

 This novel is a science fiction exploration of the crucifixion, through the eyes of a Jewish refugee, who is a bullied,  fatherless, intensely neurotic, Jung-obsessed and self-loathing young man growing up in London in the post-war years.

Karl Glogauer is an anti-hero of the highest degree, his life - before an encounter with a time machine, anyway - is deeply miserable, and mostly what is detailed are a string of dysfunctional relationships. This intersperses the story of Glogauer arriving in the middle East in AD 29. Without wishing to give too much away, the book is stunningly irreverent to story of Christ. Slowly Glogauer finds himself fulfilling a prophesy.
This is stunning book, with intense emotions and a highly intelligent look at the story of Jesus. It seems (to someone deeply ignorant) well researched and an original look at a reasonably familiar trope. The characters are all realistically drawn, and there are few likeable people, least of all Glogauer himself; however, as the text progresses to the end, you begin to find him admirable.

I am an atheist, and so I can't imagine how a Christian (or, indeed, someone with another faith) would approach this. It was recommended to my by a Christian, however, and it doesn't seem anti-theist; indeed it could be read as agnostic.

There is a depiction of one incidence of sexual child abuse.
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