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Nick Hornby – Juliet naked


Nick Hornby – Juliet naked

Annie and Duncan are a couple. They have been since 15 years. Annie has learned to like the music of Tucker Crowe, Duncan is the biggest fan possible. In the days before the internet that was a lonely job. Nowadays one can communicate with fans all over the world. And therefore it is possible to analyze the lyrics of his latest album for the 28th time. Not much options either, as Crowe hasn’t been seen or heard of for years now.

And then suddenly the world changes. Is this newcomer on the forum really Tucker Crowe, their hero? And what about the new album that is soon to come?

Hornby again writes a great book. Which looking back is actually quite weird. I didn’t recognize anything as in Fever Pitch or High Fidelity. I didn’t laugh out loud like I did when reading How to be Good. Nor was I fascinated by the curious mix of characters that appeared in Long way down.

The book is like a movie your girlfriend is watching, when you read the paper. By the time the movies has ended, you realise you’re still on the same page as when you looked up to notice what she is watching. You have been watching the movie all along, even though you thought it wouldn’t be something for you.

This automatically implies that this is not his masterpiece. Not necessary either. Not every book can be the essential one in one’s oeuvre. But given the fact that the masterpiece needs to be accompanied by several great books, to confirm that the author has actually written this one book that everyone will remember, this book will be the confirmation, one of those great books you also want to read.

I have certainly enjoyed reading it and I will buy the next Hornby book without any hesitation, regardless what the critics will say about the book.

Quote: “He’d be the first to write about the album, if he were quick. Better than that: he’d be the first to alert the Crowe community to its existence even! He’d listened to Juliet Naked four times, and he had already thought of a great deal he wanted to say about it; in any case, to wait any longer would be to risk his advantage.” (p.30)

Number: 10-062
Title: Juliet, naked
Author: Nick Hornby
Language: English (UK)
Year: 2009
# Pages: 250 (11689)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-141-04774-4

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