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BookClubFiction - Join us for A Game of Thrones!

bookclubfiction  is an LJ book club devoted to reading good books with friends.  We pick a new genre every round, and then vote on books to read within that genre.  After the voting is finished we will have one Main Selection with weekly discussions every Monday, and then a Bonus Selection which has one full discussion post as we're voting on the next round's genre and books.

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)
Our Main Selection this round of the Fantasy genre is A Game of Thrones.  We will have 6 weeks of discussions through this book, with the last discussion falling right as the new HBO series is starting!  If you're interested in watching the show this is the perfect time to read (or re-read!) the book :)

More information about how bookclubfiction is structured.  Come over and join us!  :)
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