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Taliesin by Stephen R. Lawhead

Charis is an Atlantean Princess living in a seaside paradise, but too young to understand that Atlantis is on the brink of war. When her family is betrayed and her mother killed, Avallach takes his daughter and their remaining servants into the safety of their stone walled home. Or at least he tries to. Charis is too overwrought with the guilt he places on her over the loss of her mother and joins a religious band of performers, the bull dancers, who once enchanted her as a child. She returns as an adult, only after an injury wounds her ability to perform and finds home a much different place than when she last left it.

War has ravaged the land and strained her father’s fragile psyche. Nursed by a strange new woman calling herself Avallach’s wife, the King is a shadow of his former self and haunted by the ghosts of his bitter persistence. Charis will soon have to face other threats as visions of impending destruction plague her mind; her stepsister Morgiana’s strange lurking behavior and alien presence fail to ingratiate herself into Charis’ life. Whom should Charis trust? A father crawling toward senility, a step-mother who claims to rely on peculiar herb remedies to keep him alive and well, or a step-sister flirting with an unnameable darkness? And what exactly does any of this have to do with Elphin, the Briton-raised Prince of Gwynedd, his son, Taliesin, or Arthurian Legend?
Tags: genre: fantasy, xxx author last name: i-q

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